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Surname Saturday - Bevins Family Line

Surname Saturday
Bevins Family Line

[This blogging exercise is part of the 'reverse research' for the major, and minor, characters in the forthcoming books in The Homeplace Series]

I began this Surname Saturday exercise on April 17, 2010, with BEVINS 1 and and next six posts were all related to taking the McDONALD family line, the maternal line, back to the earliest settlement in the Oak Creek valley in 1833.

In the meantime, in creating the history of the valley, from the four founding families and other early arrivals, much more has been learned of their inter-relationships and how these developed, through the Civil War period. I have recently, to provide context for Jennifer BEVINS' family history searches, in "Christmas at the Homeplace," currently, and "The Homeplace Threatened" in the future, as well as building the content of the developmental Wiki, expanded the connection of the 'past with the present' on a family level for The Homeplace Series, as a whole. In coming weeks in this series, more of the family surnames, and relationships, will be shared.

Frank and Mildred (McDONALD) BEVINS were the subjects of BEVINS 1 along with their four children, the primary characters in "Back to the Homeplace" with the unusual video will left by Mildred on her passing in last 1986. Subsequent McDONALD posts followed her line back to Henry and Laura McDONALD of the founding families. Although not as direct by surname, Frank's ancestry goes back to the founding families, as well, as will be recorded, briefly, below.

Ora B. and Sarah Jane (WATERS) BEVINS had one child, possibly others:

1. Franklin (Frank) Leonard BEVINS, born 9 Aug 1917, in Oak Springs, MO

Howard and Myrtle (TRUESDALE) BEVINS had one child, possibly others:

1. Ora B. BEVINS, born 1891, Oak Springs, MO

Lewis and Caroline (McDONALD) TRUESDALE had two children, possibly others:

1. James (Jimmie) TRUESDALE, born 5 Feb 1866, Oak Springs, MO

2. Myrtle TRUESDALE, born 1868, Oak Springs, MO

Lewis TRUESDALE was the son of Hugh and Victoria (PATTON) TRUESDALE, each of whom was an original settler in the Oak Creek Valley, the first couple to be married in the valley.

Caroline McDONALD was the oldest daughter of Harry and Sarah (BALDRIDGE) McDONALD, each of whom was also an original settler, as young children, in the Oak Creek Valley [See McDONALD 3, 4, and 5]

"May each of us have a Homeplace to hold onto, if only in our minds."

Bill  ;-)

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