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Hometown Monday - Heather starts her FFA Horse Project

Hometown Monday
Heather starts her FFA Horse Project

This is the first of an expected irregular series of posts of excerpts from the novels, novellas, and short stories of "The Homeplace Series" Family Saga story-telling, to provide an insight into the story lines that may not be clear from other promotional pieces about "The Homeplace Series." These will also be coordinated with the content of the developmental Wiki, "Beyond the Books" - to expand the information available there, as well.

[Palamino Horse - Wikimedia Commons -]
This is what I envisoned Marilyn to look like - and also Sunshine, below]

The following excerpt from "The Homeplace Revisited" is from Thursday, August 22, 1996:

"At the stable, Jennifer, Diane and Heather were discussing the improved horse breeding plan and how it might, or might not, fit in with their existing plans. They were sitting around the table in the break area at mid-morning. Diane mentioned that in the remodeling they had made two of the stalls larger with the thought that they might want to do more regular breeding in the future. Mares typically need stalls with more space to have their foals. “Perhaps a plan to have two foals each spring would be a good plan to start. Then we could decide to sell one or two each year, and keep one or two each year.” Diane was thinking out loud.

Jennifer picked up the line of thought. “Yes, foaling will take more labor, all around, as well. Starting with two a year seems to be a good plan, to start. Of course, Christopher had us breed Shadow, last month, so she will be the first. We would need to pick one other.”

Heather had been listening and thinking. “I need a new FFA project this coming year. Might it be possible for me to work with each of you to develop a plan, and take responsibility to carry it out yet this fall, next spring and into next year? Jennifer, you did a project like this in high school, didn’t you?”

“I did a cow-calf project for 4-H, and, I did a horse project for FFA. It wasn’t quite this complex, but, yes, it would make a good project. Diane, what do you think?” Jennifer looked pleased with the idea.

“Frankly, it would solve one concern I had that we hadn’t discussed yet – who was going to do the follow through work on the plan and help keep us on schedule. Jennifer and I can each do our parts, but we can’t be thinking about it all the time. We do have other responsibilities that must take first priority – and that wouldn’t work with the breeding plan very well.” Diane looked a Heather, seriously. “Do you feel you are really up to this?”

Heather responded in kind, “I’m ready to lead the team, if we can work as a team, and you support me. I know you will.”

“We will.” Diane and Jennifer responded, in unison.

“Then let’s get to work. The mares each have at least two more cycles yet this fall, for breeding. Jennifer, do you think Sunshine is ready?”

Sunshine was a palomino four-year old mare that traced back to Diane’s favorite saddle horse, Marilyn, from years past. Sunshine had become Heather’s favorite in the last couple of years.

Jennifer responded, “I can certainly check her out, to be sure. What do you think, Diane? Is Sunshine a good candidate?”

“Yes, I tend to agree. Can we get some palomino semen to keep the line clean?”

Jennifer looked to Heather, “I’ll work with Heather to accomplish that… it is now part of her plan and responsibility, I believe. Correct?”

“Correct. I’ll get to work on the plan. Anything else?” Heather was about to jump out of the chair she was sitting on.

“Move ahead with planning,” Diane added, “but let’s talk some more before we take any serious actions. Caution is still our watchword, and it applies here as well. You get to work on the plan as we seek alternatives. I think it is a go, but a ‘go slowly’ not ‘a jump in with both feet without thinking,’ ok?

“Agreed. OK!” Heather replied.

“Yes, good approach.” Jennifer concurred.

For 'the rest of the story' - you may get the book, here, now:

"May each of us have a Homeplace to hold onto, if only in our minds."

Bill ;-)

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