The Homeplace Revisited

The Homeplace Revisited
William Leverne Smith

Hollister, MO - Summer - 2011 Release

This family saga novel is set in a fictional southern Missouri Ozarks rural small town and surrounding country-side. We have returned to the site of 'Back to the Homeplace' - the first novel in the series - nine years later, in 1996, as the grandchildren of the original matriarch join their parents in the family business - the Bevins Trust. The family has survived death and conflict and there is more to come, but they are sustained by their faith, a positive world-view, and their dedication to family and community. The young ones still seek love and acceptance. The older family members seek peace and security. Are their dreams compatible in this day and time?

Christopher joined the law practice two years ago. Jennifer just opened her large animal veterinary practice near the remodeled stables on the Homeplace site. Matt has agreed to move his family from Boston to Oak Springs to head up the new Internet Service Provider firm formed jointly with the Bevins Trust. How will this next generation of young professionals mesh with the established older generation siblings of the Bevins Trust? What environmental and intergenerational challenges will they face? Join us as the family saga unfolds and continues.

Follow the story on FACEBOOK at The Homeplace Chronicles and the Homeplace Series Blog at :, and join us via this site on the multi-media, wiki-based 'The Homeplace Saga: Beyond the Books' interactive activities.

You can create your own stories and characters in this interactive, multi-media, collaborative process as we move through time form 1996 to 2001, the time of the third book in this series. We will also be looking back to 1833, and following the family through over 150 years on this site. Join us.

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