Friday, April 27, 2012

Penny Nixon's My Hometown - What makes it special

Penny Nixon's My Hometown - What makes it special

[Hi! I'm Penny Nixon. I am a reporter for the Oak Springs Enterprise. My dad, the editor, Dick Nixon, has encouraged me to write stories for the paper about my hometown, Oak Springs, MO, beginning in early 1987. After I write a little about the town, I get to do some interviews with local residents and visitors. These articles will appear in the weekly edition of the Oak Springs Enterprise. I hope you enjoy my stories.]

Oak Springs in the home of Ozark Community College. With the opening of Ozark Community College a few years ago, a new way of life has opened up here in Oak Springs. Young people can stay in Oak Springs and go to college; they don't have to move away. After high school, there is now a place to study, play sports, do drama, write for the school paper and many of the other things we knew we would miss when we left high school. Now, we continue these activities in a new, higher education environment. 

With the community college we also got a McDonalds Restaurant. For a town our size, this is pretty special. We still like our local cafes, but having a McDonalds has become the new, 'in place' to eat and hang out with friends. The sports teams like to congregate her and talk over the game or the practice session. Everyone can come and feel a part of the team.

Well, those are my first thoughts. I hope you liked them. Letters to the Editor are always welcome. Please be kind. Penny, out.


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