eBooks Information

eBooks Information

First eBook in "The Homeplace Saga" series, published June 21, 2014, via Lulu.com, available for all epub readers, for $ 0.99, on various media outlets:


Note: I will send you a free PDF of my 23K word eBook, “The Kings of Oak Springs, Vol. One” (Some say it reminds them of a ‘Little House’ story) when you sign up for my free “The Homeplace Saga” Newsletter. Sign up here (free): http://eepurl.com/bpPujv

Also, on Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/Kings-Oak-Springs-Arrival-Months-ebook/dp/B00M0117KY/

Book Description:

Settling in Oak Springs, the King Family quickly becomes a part of the ongoing life of this southern Missouri Ozarks community, still recovering from the complete devastation during the late Civil War in 1876. While many of the residents of the Oak Creek valley, including the small town of Oak Springs, are returning residents from before the war, there are an increasing number, like the King family, who are arriving in this community for the first time. Learn more about these characters who are central to the author's "The Homeplace Saga" series of family saga historical fiction stories. The Kings stories provide additional insights into the family relationships and the stories of the pioneer families and the new arrivals. Karl, Katherine and their four children, Keith (14), Kate (12), Kent (10), and Karla (5) fit right in as they observe and interact with their new neighbors, especially on "Fourth Sundays."

Note: Also now available at Amazon.com:

Each of the following eBooks is now available at: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/drbillshares

1) Vol. 2 of the "Kings of Oak Springs," including episodes 21-40 in that series - found here:

2) The Levi Weston stories from Weston Wagons West - 20 episodes that include his life in Oak Springs in the 1850-1876 period - the episodes can be found here, the Lx series:
You can start reading the series at this link, and click forward through all 20 episodes, without the eBook:

3) The Kinnick Family Saga as part of the "Weston Wagons West" series of stories - the 20 episodes of the Jx series of stories - the Weston family (a fictional family) chronicles my actual Kinnick ancestors from Maryland in the mid-1600s through Ohio to Illinois and Iowa in the late 1800s:
Start the Jx series here:

4) "Murder, He Figured" - a murder mystery in first person by a character introduced in "Christmas at the Homeplace," Raynor Crimmons. It is his journal of a client visit to another ficitional Missouri town:
Start reading here: http://drbillsmithwriter.hubpages.com/hub/Introducing-Raynor-Crimmons-Author-and-Character-of-The-Homeplace-Series

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