Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wiki Wednesday - Who is Sheila?

Wiki Wednesday
Who is Sheila?

Last week's Wiki Wednesday introduced you to a business from the Oak Springs Directory in the 1996 novel in the series. Today, we look at a Character File at the Wiki.

On Hometown Monday this week, we shared an excerpt from early in the "Back to the Homeplace" novel that was dated in February, 1987. In the excerpt you met Sheila, Melanie, Donnie and Christopher.

Today, I'm sending you to the Wiki Character File information on "Sheila"  - a central if not major family character in "The Homeplace Series" family saga. Here you learn a little more of her background.

I encourage you to 'read the book' to see what her 'central role' is in this series of family stores.

Is her "little Honda" a good symbol for Sheila?

"May each of us have a Homeplace to hold onto, if only in our minds."

Bill ;-)

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