Saturday, June 4, 2011

Surname Saturday - MCDONALD 5

Surname Saturday

This is a guest post by Karen BEVINS WINSLOW (a fictitious character in Back to the Homeplace). Karen is the oldest daughter of Frank and Mildred (MCDONALD) BEVINS, one of their four children. These four siblings and their families are the major characters of the novel: Back to the Homeplace. [This blogging exercise is a part of the research for the upcoming novel, "The Homeplace Revisited" by William Leverne Smith]

The Harry and Sarah (BALDRIDGE) MCDONALD Family

Harry was the son of Henry and Laura (STONE) MCDONALD. He was born in 1822, in Kentucky. Sarah was the daughter of Robert and Susannah BALDRIDGE. She was born in 1822 in Kentucky.

Harry and Sarah had the following children, perhaps others:

1. Caroline, b. 1843
2. Thomas, b. 1845
3. Patrick, b. 1847
4. Alex, b. 1849
5. Mahala, b. 1852
6. Rebecca, b. 1855

Families are Forever! ;-)

Families are Forever! ;-)

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