Thursday, June 16, 2011

5th Annual Author Extravaganza - Sat, June 18, 2011

See you in Emporia on Saturday!!  ;-) 11 a.m.-1 p.m., usually starts earlier....  ;-)

5th Annual Author Extravaganza
Town Crier Bookstore, Emporia, Kansas
June 18, 2011

William Leverne Smith, otherwise known as Dr. Bill (William L.) Smith, has again been invited to return to Emporia, Kansas, where he was a university professor for 15 years to participate in the 5th Annual Author Extravaganza. This major book signing event will occur shortly after the release of Dr. Bill's second novel, 'The Homeplace Revisited.' Also available for sale and to be signed will be his first novel, 'Back to the Homeplace' (released Spring 2010). He will be accompanied by his wife, Nancy, who last summer published her book, with their daughter, Annette Lamb, through Visions to Action Publishing, 'After Glow: The Poetry of Laura Wilson Anderson.'

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