Thursday, October 2, 2014

Today's Thoughts on… the family saga… "The Homeplace Saga"… series of stories

Today's Thoughts on… the family saga… 
"The Homeplace Saga"… series of stories

I have recently been asked to write a monthly post on the Worldwide Genealogy Blog along with a number of other genealogy bloggers… from around the world - thus, the name of the blog. It will appear on the 11th day of each month.

The subject I will be writing on is: "Keeping Family History Stories Alive through Fiction." The post on October 11 is simply labeled, "Part A." It is an introduction to the upcoming series of monthly posts. The point of the article series is for people to consider using the amazing family stories we all come across in our family history research as the basis for writing fiction stories based on those real stories.

This is essentially where my "The Homeplace Saga" here got its origins… the stories I've gotten from research and observation - about family relationships. I've now created this amazing "place" with all these amazing, yet ordinary, people whose lives we can share and interact with. They just keep telling me their stories to share with you.

The current book in the series - a collection of short stories
Direct link to

And now, all of them are available free, to you, if you have the Kindle Unlimited account with There are now available in this series: 1) three novels, 2) one novella, 3) one short story collection, and 4) one ebook. There is this free blog, that has posts back to March 22, 2010. There are also a couple of what I call developmental wikis, as well (educational websites related to writing historical fiction based on family history research).

Two more ebooks are pending, based on stories that have been shared on HubPages, and are now available for all readers at:

1) - 45 articles (or hubs) - each 1200-1500 words with 3 images each - These include "The Kings of Oak Springs" series and several miscellaneous related stories of "The Homeplace Saga." This is a great place to start, for easy reading! ;-)

2) - 60 articles (or hubs) - all in the various branches of the "Weston Wagons West" series of stories where the descendants of the three Weston brothers have interacted with my ancestors over the past  nearly 400 years here in America. One line of this story intersects with "The Homeplace Saga" folks in Oak Springs, as well.

3) - 150 articles (or hubs) - where about 20 have to do with family history and this series of stories - the rest are on a variety of topics, includes about 25 or so related to Heritage Tourism and perhaps another 20 related to book reviews and recommendations.

May we each have a Homeplace, if only in our hearts!

Dr. Bill ;-)

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