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The Founding of the Homeplace

Building with Stone

From the short story collection:

Part IV.

1871-1875 Activity Summary

Building with Stone

Victor Campbell was asked to share his memories of “Building with Stone” in Oak Springs.

In the years immediately before the war came upon us, at the bank we had been discussing building a stone building for the bank. So, with this in the back of my mind, as I went about my work in the years away, I was watching stone construction, who was doing it, and what would be required to do it here. I knew we had limestone hills, just east of town. The questions was: would we be able to use them?

In 1866 as we were considering options for the bank as well as the community, we had a physical survey done of Section 36, directly east of Oak Springs. Based on that information the bank purchased that section of land, previously believed to be ‘worthless,’ but that was with respect to agricultural interests. Subsequently, we entered into a joint venture with Roland Muldrow, Spencer Fielder, and Reginald “Archie” Archer to open a limestone quarry and begin constructing the bank and other stone buildings, homes and structures in the valley. These three gentlemen, respectively, were a quarry manager, a master stonemason and an apprentice stonemason. Other workers were identified and brought into the operation as and when needed. Work on the bank was to begin in 1870.

With the cooperation of Owen Olson, Patton Road was extended east of town, through his property, along the ‘half-mile’ line and into Section 36. This road provided access to the forthcoming limestone quarry and and a ready route to construction sites. A road along the west side of the NW quarter of Section 36 was also prepared, running the half-mile straight north from the Patton Road to the Houston Road. The Houston Road ran along the north side of Section 36, of course.

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