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The Founding of the Homeplace - Governmental Positions by Residents to 1875

The Founding of the Homeplace

Governmental Positions by Residents to 1875

From the short story collection:

Part IV.

Governmental Positions by Residents to 1875

Governmental Positions and Assignments - Oak Creek Township and Residents

**U.S. Postmaster

Jake Patton, 1842-1846
Kate Patton, 1846-1854
Victoria Truesdale, 1854-1865
Anna Olson, 1865-

**U.S. Assistant Postmaster

Kate Patton, 1842-1846
Victoria Truesdale, 1846-1854
Anna Olson, 1854-1865
Allison Olson (Inman), 1865-

**Oak Creek Township Trustees

****Eastern Trustee

Robert Baldridge, 1841-1847
Hugh Truesdale, 1847-1860
David Baldridge, 1860-

****Central Trustee

Jake Patton, 1841-1846
Owen Olson, 1846-

****Western Trustee

Victor Campbell, 1841-1865
Delbert Campbell, 1865-

**** Justice of the Peace

George King, 1842-

**Oak Creek County Commission

Robert Baldridge, elected in 1847; failed re-election bid in 1857
Jake Patton, 1859-1871
Gideon Inman, 1871-

**Missouri House of Representatives

Jake Patton, elected 1846-1859
Hugh Truesdale, 1860-1872
Lewis Truesdale, 1872-

**Missouri State Senate

Hugh Truesdale, 1872-

**Oak Springs Town Council - initial Council served through the War years, as well

Jake Patton, 1848-1861
Owen Olson, 1848-1861
Victor Campbell, 1848-1861
Hugh Truesdale, 1848-1861
Robert Baldridge, 1848-1861

New Town Council elected in late 1865 as reconstruction began:

Jake Patton, 1865-1874
Sylvester Preston, 1874-
Owen Olson, 1865-
Victor Campbell, 1865-
Lewis Truesdale, 1865-1872
Joshua Cox, 1872-
Gideon Inman, 1865-1871

Jacobi Inman, 1871-

To be continued... next Friday.

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May we each have a Homeplace, if only in our hearts!

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