Sunday, June 27, 2010

Great Book Signing in Emporia, KS, at Town Crier on 26th

There were 56 "local authors" at the Town Crier Bookstore in Emporia, KS, from 11 to 1 on Saturday, June 26... what an experience! Talked to some old friends, met some new friends, and sold some books! Cannot beat that combination.

Just two photos, right now. The first is of my friend, Diane McAdams Gladow, who I happened to be assigned to sit beside, and me, in the front row past the cash register.

Diane's book is A Journey of Voices: Chasing the Frontier. It is based on letters and journals of her ancestors. I was promoting both my novel, Back to the Homeplace, and, 13 Ways to Tell Ancestor Stories.

Just to the left in the photo, above, was the shelf where the Town Crier has the local author's books. Ours are there, today, I assume. Prominently displayed, are both my brother Barry's book, Only Milo, and both of the books by my good Kansas Flint Hills friend, author Deborah Vogts, Snow Melts in Spring, and Seeds of Summer, that just came out! Neat!!  ;-) Small world!  ;-)

 Happy Reading!

Bill  ;-)


  1. Hey that's cool! Thanks for sharing, Bill. :)

  2. Great Dad! Sounds like you had a fun time!!