Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Find "The Homeplace Saga" stories in several venues

Find "The Homeplace Saga" stories in several venues

[Down the Road image courtesy of Don Wills; Greene Co IA Trail]

Most you know I close my articles published in the In-Depth Genealogist digi-mag with the Tag Line "See you down the road..." Dr. Bill... [that I borrowed from an Emporia, KS, neighbor, the western novelist, Don Coldsmith, from one of his columns], and, I'm continually looking for images like this that convey that thought. Thanks to each of you who have provided me with one I could use - and those who may do so, now that you know I'm looking for them!

Use of this concept has also reminded me to "travel down several roads" in sharing "The Homeplace Saga" series of historical fiction family saga stories that this blog represents. I have added some venues, so this is an attempt to update the newer places to read these stories, if you've missed other references to them... and care at all about the different stories that are available.

The latest is HubPages.com. The link will take you to my series of essays that relate to "The Homeplace Saga" stories in a little different vein or a different light. These area 1250 word essays, with three photo images, that provide background, new insights, a different slant on the stories of Oak Springs, the Oak Creek Township and valley, and the various characters, especially the early years. These are shorter than short stories, they are longer than blog posts. I hope you enjoy them. There are just five, as I write this. I assume I'll add more. Comments are always welcome, of course.

I continue to create "lenses" at Squidoo.com that related to my stories. The latest is "Will they be home for 'Christmas at the Homeplace'" - a product recommendation lens for the recently released novel, on Amazon. Again, each of these writings provides a somewhat different "take" on the product or story being presented. [Note: I make a point of this, because these writing venues now have computer programs that automatically compare what is being written with what is already posted on the Internet - if you try to write the same thing over again, it is rejected, and you must start over. Therefore, I must come up with something new and fresh each time. How about that?]

Of course, you know about the four novels, the published short stories, and the wiki (see right side bar). Many of you have been reading the short stories, in serial form, every other Friday. These will be published next spring in the collection of short stories, along with new ones. Tentative title: American Centennial at the Homeplace: The Founding (1833-1876). Watch for it! ;-)

Comments welcomed! ;-)

"May each of us have a Homeplace, if only in our hearts!"

Bill  ;-)

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