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Surname Saturday - Truesdale, part 1

Surname Saturday - TRUESDALE, part 1

[Source: Currier & Ives, "Summer landscape, c1869"; Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress
(; accessed 17 Mar 2013)]

Today we take a further look at the five "founding families" of Oak Creek Township, who first settled the valley in 1833. Hugh Truesdale was the youngest adult and married Victoria Patton in Sept 1833. Note that this report is "part 1" and is incomplete - reporting generally to about the early 1870s. Let's look at what we have. We do not currently report on Hugh's parents, though a little is known about them.

Hugh Truesdale (b. 1812) married Victoria Patton (b. 1818) in Oak Creek Township, the first marriage there.

Hugh and Victoria were the parents of three children:

1. Jane Truesdale, b. 1837
2. Lewis Truesdale, b. 15 Jun 1843
3. Nellie Truesdale, b. 1850

Jane Truesdale married Daniel McDonald (b. 1838) and they had one son, William (b. 31 Jan 1864)

Lewis Truesdale married Caroline McDonald (b. 2 Aug 1843). They had two children, a son, James (Jimmie), b. 5 Feb 1866, and a daughter, Myrtle (b. 25 Feb 1868)

Nellie had not married at the end of our current reporting period. At that time, she was a school teacher in Oak Springs.

A note for the future. It is known that the Truesdale women were strong women, leaders in their community. The Truesdale men (Hugh, Lewis) were strong leaders in their communities in their younger years, but each "imploded" later in life (stayed tuned for more details in later reports). James may be the exemption, but only time will tell.

"May everyone have a Homeplace, if only in their hearts."

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