Friday, October 11, 2013

Discussing the origins of "The Homeplace Saga" writings

Discussing the origins of "The Homeplace Saga" writings

[Photo courtesy of Barbara Poole]

You may or may not have noticed the change in the title of this blog recently to: "The Homeplace Saga" blog. Two essays I shared recently, and the feedback I received, from some 'fresh sets of eyes' helped me realize the need for a slight "rebranding" of my writings, if I may use that term. 

Part 1 of these discussions clearly set the series of family stories we have been creating here as in the Family Saga traditions of literature. I hope you agree, and continue to enjoy the ever growing number of stories available right here, including the every-other-week on Friday Serial Posts on the Founding.

The Part 2 of the discussions focused more on the origins of the stories in the 1987 novel "Back to the Homeplace" and the resulting additions created by the positive reactions to that set of stories, the characters, and the setting. This is the first publication of some of these discussion issues.

The continued development of the wiki: "The Homeplace Saga: Beyond the Books," continues to the collaborative development of the many dimension of "The Homeplace Saga" as an extended series of fiction works stretching from 1833 to the present based on extensive research of the Southern Missouri Ozarks, family relationships, farm and business development in the region, environmental agricultural issues and social issues including AIDS/HIV, domestic violence, and interpersonal relationships both in the private and governmental contexts.

Reader response to these developments has been gratifying. Thank you for your support.

"May each of us have a Homeplace to hold onto, if only in our hearts!"

Dr. Bill  ;-)

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