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Wiki Wednesday - Oak Springs Realty - the Inman Family

Wiki Wednesday
Oak Springs Realty
The Inman Family
Origins of the firm


Neither Oak Springs Realty nor the Inman family are particularly central characters in The Homeplace Series. But, they serve as great examples of the necessary supporting 'characters' that bring family saga stories to life. We began this story with our Hometown Monday post.

We first met Travis Inman in 1996 in our second novel, "The Homplace Revisited," as a soldier serving a National Guard active duty tour in Bosnia, as the husband of the sister of a main character. Currently, his return to Oak Springs following his year in Bosnia, when his youngest daughter was born - he had yet to see her -  plays a key role in the forthcoming "Christmas at the Homeplace."

Virginia Hollingsworth was introduced in "Back to the Homeplace" as a neighbor and close friend of the deceased family matriarch whose video will is at the heart of the central story of this novel. Late in the novel she is disclosed to be playing an even more important role in the story. It "turns out," as more history of the community is disclosed, that Virginia's maidens name was Inman - she was a great-aunt of Travis Inman.

See Oak Springs Realty on the Wiki to see the history of the firm in Oak Springs and where Travis and Virginia each fit in the family line.

"May each of us have a Homeplace to hold onto, if only in our minds."

Bill  ;-)

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