Wednesday, August 31, 2011

OWL Contests for 2011 due Sept 1

OWL Contests for 2011 due Sept 1

The due date for the several OWL (Ozarks Writing League) [Writing] Contests is September 1, 2011. All entries must be postmarked no later than September 1.

This year, I was pleased to put an entry in contest #12. Best Book of the Year. with Back to the Homeplace that was published in 2010.

I also entered contest #8. Unpublished book. with the first three chapters and a synopsis of "The First 150 Years at the Homeplace" (working title), a book based on the family history 'research and development' about the families who first settled the Homeplace from 1833 through 1983 - prior to the Back to the Homeplace story [set in 1987].

Finally, I submitted a short story entry for consideration in the "Annual Echoes of the Ozarks Anthology Contest." This is a separate contest, but run on the same timetable. The short story I submitted, The Trek to the Homeplace, is actually Chapter One of the "The First 150 Years at the Homeplace." 

Best wishes to all participants in this year's contests.  ;-)

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