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15 Years Ago - "The Homeplace Revisited" - Ch 4 ex

An excerpt from Chapter 4 of "The Homeplace Revisited" - 15 years ago:


Saturday, August 17, 1996

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Christopher had talked to Doc Evans Friday, and agreed to come by his vet clinic mid-Saturday morning. Thinking back, Christopher realized that even having known Doc Evans as the local veterinary all of his life, he had never had a reason to visit the clinic. After extensive discussions with Jennifer, Christopher had agreed to get a dog, which he would keep at the stable at the Homeplace, as another way to get more personally involved with the farm environment, which he wanted to do. Doc Evans had said he had identified a well-trained, spayed female German Shepherd Dog, about four years old, that he felt would be a very good match for Christopher and for the farm environment. 
Christopher had gone by the stables earlier and picked up the farm-based GMC Yukon, so he could take the dog back there with him. As he entered the clinic building Nicole Evans, Doc’s granddaughter, greeted him. Nicole had been a cheerleader and a year behind Christopher, in Melanie’s class in high school, but Christopher had not seen her since he went off to college. “Do you remember me, Christopher? I’m Nicole.”
“Of course I do. It has been a long time, though. What brings you back to Oak Springs?” Apparently as perky as ever, Nicole had hardly changed in the nine years or so since Christopher had seen her. She was short, perhaps five feet four inches tall, with short-cropped strawberry-blonde hair, and had retained her athletic figure. Dressed in khaki pants and a bright orange blouse, Nicole presented a very professional but casual appearance. 
“I’ve been hired by the new Big Thunder Lodge, up north of town, in their hospitality department. My official start date is Monday, August 26th, with two weeks of orientation. It is a private club, just across the county line, but they seem to be hiring quite a few people. I’m staying with Gramps until I find a place of my own; helping out here some, to pay my keep!” she added with a big grin. 
“Very interesting. I’ll want to talk with you more about the Big Thunder Lodge, when we get a chance.” Christopher looked around the area. “But for now, I heard a story about a dog…” Christopher grinned.  

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"May each of us have a Homeplace to hold onto, if only in our minds."

Bill ;-)

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