Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A message for those who have already read The Homeplace Series books

A message for those who have already read The Homeplace Series books

This is a message for those who have already read either of the books in 'The Homeplace Series' - "Back to the Homeplace" and/or "The Homeplace Revisited." As promised in the epilogue of the latter book, you are now invited to participate in the future of this series. Working with Annette Lamb (eduscapes.com), we have created something new; that we would like to invite you to participate in with us:

This is a learning and collaborative joint-venture environment where you are encouraged to add your creative interests and talents, whatever that might be.

As this is July 2010, and the experiment is just beginning, let me introduce you to the first three sections for "Beyond the Books."

  • Read: About this Wiki - some background, some instructions, some ideas, some procedures as to how to proceed.
  • Look at Character Files - Each of the major characters are listed (as of 1996); their pages are not yet filled out, but you can be a part of this fun, if you wish.
  • Check out the Town Directory - a full directory of Oak Springs businesses and locations - more even then are in the books (as of 1996) - how about writing up a story of one of these businesses? Perhaps a history? Create new characters around this business? Write a story set at one of these businesses with your characters? The possibilities are endless. NOTE: I'll bet you thought of some of these things as your were reading the book. Now is your chance to create them and tell a story about them! Go check it out.

If you would like to discuss this more, before 'jumping in' we have also created The Homeplace Series Book Club at the Reader's Inn website; including a good discussion area where I've already started a discussion. [This is also a free sign-in site, but you do need to sign-in with a user name and password to enter discusssions. Use the same one as the wiki, for best results. Write them down, so you don't forget them.]

NOTE: A part of this whole experience is that you can come at "Beyond the Books" from many different directions. On the wiki, read Annette's articles about 'transmedia storytelling' - it is the wave of the future. 

P.S. J.K.Rowlings and Sony just recently announced POTTERMORE which is, perhaps, the first advanced adventure of this kind. [Check this story here and here

We won't have this much, online games, etc., but we can work at our own level, with our talents, here and now. Come join us!  ;-)


  1. Did you get the name Mona Evan's from Joe's mom?

  2. No. I don't think so. Coming up with distinctive names is a real challenge. I have way too many names for a normal novel, but these are my novels, and I like to have lots of folks to work with. Thanks for asking! ;-)