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Book Review at READER'S INN

Book Review at READER'S INN

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Back to the Homeplace
Written by Cheryl | June 10 2011 
Back to the Homestead Place by William Leverne Smith (ISBN: 978-1451560404 , CreateSpace March 25, 2010)

This book is an engaging drama, set in 1987, about a family of siblings who begin to learn about the unexpected and complex terms of their parents’ will, regarding the family farm, “The Homeplace”.   The initial term of the will that was disclosed to the siblings, required them to return to the Missouri Ozarks and live on the farm for a period of two years.   Each family was given stewardship over eighty acres.  This directive sets into motion different circumstances for each sibling and their families.   One family lived on the farm and had managed the farm for their aging parents.  The other siblings moved back home, with their families, after being gone for a number of years.  They each had their reasons to leave and, more importantly, reasons to return.  The remaining terms of the will was eventually disclosed to the siblings.  How each family member chooses to deal with the terms of the will and the relationships between the various family members, as well as, the other trustees, forms the basis for the plot.
I was intrigued with the characters throughout the story.  They must deal with joys and tragedies, successes and disappointments that all families face.   News clips are quoted at the beginning of each chapter to remind the reader of external pressures and cultural influences from 1987.  What stood out to me was how the characters bore the internal and external pressures admirably.  Most accepted the major changes in their lives and cooperated with each other for the greater good.  There were several tragedies in the book that could have defined this family differently.   While religion was not explicitly included in the book, the religious undertone of forgiveness was woven throughout the book.   This book was interesting and engaging and a joy to read.  I look forward to reading future books from this author.
Rated 4 on 5 point scale

"May each of us have a Homeplace to hold onto, if only in our minds."

Bill ;-)

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