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Tuesday Profiles - Bart Bevins

15 August 1996 Profile
Bart Bevins
54 years old

This Profile is the second of a series of weekly profiles of major characters in the "Back to the Homeplace" novel that also appear in "The Homeplace Revisited," as of the beginning of the second novel, 15 Aug 1996.

Bart Bevins was born May 13, 1942, to Frank and Mildred (McDonald) Bevins, at the Oak Springs hospital; the family lived at the Homeplace farmhouse near Oak Springs, Missouri. 

He attended Oak Creek School #4, a one-room school near the Homeplace, from kindergarten through the 8th grade, when he went to town for high school.

He graduated from Oak Springs High School in the Class of 1960.
(Diane Spencer and Linda Winters were classmates in high school.) All three went to Southwest Missouri State University in Springfield. Bart and Diane graduated in 1964; Linda graduated a year later.

Bart received his B.S. degree in Business Administration; Diane in Secondary Education - English; Linda started in Theater Arts but graduated in General Studies.

Bart Bevins and Diane Spencer were married on June 15, 1960, at the First United Methodist Church in Oak Springs. Bart joined Oak Springs Realty and Diane had accepted a position as High School English teacher at Oak Springs High School. Linda Winters joined Oak Springs Realty in the summer of 1965.

Children born to Bart and Diane in Oak Springs:
Donnie, born in 1968, died in 1987 
Jennifer, born August 3, 1971, 25 in 1996

Bart worked at Oak Springs Reality from the summer of 1965 until the summer of 1978 when his mother asked him to take over the farm operation after his father, Frank, died in the late spring. Bart and Diane build their new home shortly thereafter. He has continued with farm operations responsibilities to this date; working through the Bevins Trust since 1987.

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