Sunday, May 22, 2011

Looking Back: 'Back to the Homeplace' Reviews, Part 2

As we look forward to the release of "The Homeplace Revisited" in less than a month, if you have not read "Back to the Homeplace," the first novel in the series, you may want to do so; available in print and on Kindle. Below are some additional quotes from Reviews of the book.

Comments from Reviews of 'Back to the Homeplace':

"This is honestly one of the best stories about a family saga that I have read in some time. I also found out that there will be a sequel, which is going straight on my wish list. It's a high-ranking recommendation from me!"

Missy W - from review on

"The concept, the times, the settings were all intriguing."

Laurel-Rain Snow - from review on

"The families are realistic with normal family dynamics, and it is easy to care about what happens to them. The reader understands how each character's personality - the temperamental one, the team players, the loner - influences their role on the property."

L. Brandau - from review on

"I thought this book had an amazing storyline. I started reading it and really couldn't put it down. One of my favorite things about the book was the news blurbs at the beginning of each chapter. I was only 9 in 1987 so I loved seeing what t.v. shows were on and what music was big! It brought back a lot of memories from my youth.,, The characaters were very real in this book. The way their lives all twisted together was captivating. The trials they faced were all very real."

Book Loving Mommy - from review on

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