Saturday, December 8, 2018

This past week at “The Homeplace Saga” 12-8-2018 With Gift Suggestion

This past week at “The Homeplace Saga”  

The Novels in “The Homeplace Saga” began with 1987 and continued through 1996. 

Many of the short stories in “The Saga” go back into the 19th Century, from 1833, sharing the growth of the families in the early days of Oak Springs.

The current new series of stories in 1997, generally posting on Tuesdays - feature Heather Gates… (weekly, free, online)

Our new series back in the 1830s is the Colonel Jake Patton Memoirs… (free, online - mostly weekly, but likely not every week…):

The above two series are now on HOLIDAY HIATUS…will return in perhaps 5 weeks or so. Watch for their return. In the meantime,

BECOME A PATRON… of our creative writing. Great Christmas gift to yourself and to us here at “The Homepage Saga” series of family-related, historical fiction stories. Only a dollar a month…new material added weekly, along with the Friday posting of The Founding stories… each only available to Patrons. Comments always welcomed.
Come, join us! ;-)

We have joined the Patreon program in order to provide a curated (systemized) presentation of our stories and to provide a single content library, over time. Can you support this effort? I’ll be spending a little more time here, as we go forward…

Each Friday, we are posting, for Patrons, the earliest stories from The Founding. 1848 Progress Report, Part 1 of 2, posted Friday morning. Join us, today.

I hope you continue to enjoy these stories. If you do, leave a note, here or elsewhere…

Enjoy! ;-)

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