Sunday, November 4, 2018

This week at “The Homeplace Saga” 11-03-2018 - New Story Information

This week at “The Homeplace Saga”  
New Story Information

The Novels in “The Homeplace Saga” began with 1987 and continued through 1996. 

Many of the short stories in “The Saga” go back into the 19th Century, from 1833, sharing the growth of the families in the early days of Oak Springs.

New regular stories are on a two-week hiatus - this has been the second week - to catch recent posts, see:

However, New Stories are being added as part of the Patron Program - one will post on Monday. Read on for more information. Join today to be a part of this exciting new adventure in writing and reading…

We have now joined the Patreon program in order to provide a curated (systemized) presentation of our stories and to provide a single content library, over time. Can you support this effort? 

Each Friday, we are posting, for Patrons, the earliest stories from The Founding. Story 4, Part 2 of 2, posted last Friday morning. Join us, today.

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