Sunday, July 8, 2018

New Descriptive Blurb Draft

New Descriptive Blurb Draft
**** see note at end, please

This family-based series of historical fiction stories now spans the timeline from 1833 to 2049. It began with the first novel, “Back to the Homeplace,” set in 1987, and has grown from there. In 1833 four families settled a wilderness valley in the southern Missouri Ozarks just to the west of the Current River region. They created the farming community of Oak Springs. Devastated by the Civil War, these families, along with others, returned to rebuild and recreate their home valley into a lasting tribute to their pioneering ancestors. 

Now including several hundred stories in the form of novels, novels, e-books, short story collections and on-line, free read bursts, there is something for just about every reader. Triumph and tragedy, love and aspirations. Join us weekly as we continue to add to the stories.

***Would appreciate feedback on this blurb... what came to your mind as you read it? Does you make you want to read more? Too many words? Not enough? THANKS!! ;-)

"Blurb" = like the flap of a book! ;-)


  1. Just right... I particularly liked the list of the many ways you can enjoy the stories. I like the phrase "free read bursts". I think "span" should be "spans" in the first sentence. Otherwise, great!

    1. Thanks! Auto corrected to space...must not have rereadit...
      Trying to freshen it up a bit!! ;-)