Saturday, December 10, 2016

Latest ebook now available

Latest ebook now available

The 4th Volume of "The Kings of Oak Springs" series of short stories is now available in E-Pub format at:

It will be available in Kindle Edition at and in your iTunes store in a matter of days, but I wanted you, my loyal followers, to get first access, if you cared to participate.


Volume 4 of “The Kings of Oak Springs” ebooks is a compilation of Episodes 41-60 of "The Kings of Oak Springs" series of family saga, historical fiction stories that are a part of "The Homeplace Saga" stories originally published on HubPages, on line. The Episodes have been renumbered Episodes 61-80 in order to follow Vol. 3 numbering conventions. 

Volume 4 returns to stories of the King family and the Oak Springs community, from their viewpoint, for the period of 1882-1885. Particular attention does include the activities of the McDonald family and other founding families of the community, as well.

We hope you will be able to identify with some of the good folks in Oak Springs as you explore your own family history.


  1. Thank you, Bill. You will certainly sell a lot more of your new book than I will of this little compilation, but, I can hope for some good to come of it... ;-)