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Episode 27 - February 4, 1999 - Life in Oak Springs, the Homeplace

Life in Oak Springs, the Homeplace
February 1999

This series of posts on each Friday, moving forward during 2016 will continue the stories of “The Homeplace Saga” series of family saga, historical fiction families in the area of Oak Springs following the novel “Christmas at the Homeplace,” which ended as 1997 began.

Earlier, we have seen the community move from January 1997 through January 1999. We now pick up our story on February 4th of 1999, continuing in episodic serial format…

Episode 27 - Thursday, Feb. 4th: Lori, at the Homeplace Country Inn - late afternoon

Lori (speaking to Maria, the evening desk clerk at the Inn): I just got off the phone with Karen. She is nicely settled in down in Austin for her granddaughter’s birthday on Saturday.

Maria: That is nice to hear. I know she has been looking forward to this trip.

Lori: She is really going to enjoy her time there. It should be very quiet here, tonight, too, Maria. No guests tonight, only one couple coming in tomorrow afternoon. Stay close to the phone, in case we get another reservation, but otherwise, you can read or do as you wish this evening. We may get some thunder and lightning, I hear, but we could use the rain.

Maria: I kind of like a rainy night. I brought a good book to read, if it really is quiet. Thanks!  You have good evening, yourself.

Lori: I plan to. You have the number of the office where I’ll be. Don’t hesitate to call me, if anything unusual comes up. I don’t mind being called.

Maria: Thanks. We’ll see how the evening goes.

Later, Lori is having a meeting with Trace and Gary to go over the final plans for the Homeplace Estates housing development. As usual, the men had hot pizza ready when she arrived at the Construction Company office…

Lori: I’ll stick to Diet Coke, tonight, thank you!

Trace: Well, that’s easy to handle. Still quiet at the Inn?

Lori: This week, yes. Winter season finished last week, it seems. Next week it looks like the spring season is starting early this year - more folks coming than we had expected. But, of course, that is always good news.

Trace: Great! Let’s eat, while the pizza is hot. We just took it out. [He handed Lori her plate] Gary has the plans spread out over on the table, when we are ready to look at them.

A bit later, as the three of them have been going over the plans, step by step, detail by detail, to see if they have included everything they planned.

Lori: These look very good, guys. I think they’re ready to present to the Trustee Meeting. Agreed? [A lightning flash filled the room, followed immediately by a huge thunderclap]

Gary: I was simply going to reply ‘Yes’ but that lightning and thunder gave a much more pointed reply.

Trace: That was very close by… [another similar combination] Wow, there it goes, again. [Heavy rain could be heard on the roof and on the windows] I didn’t realize this storm tonight would be this strong.

Lori: The wind seems to be blowing hard, as well.

Immediately after the next thunderclap, the phone rings…

[To be continued, next Friday]

"May everyone have a homeplace, if only in your mind."

Dr. Bill  ;-)


  1. Another little cliffhanger "the phone rings" I thought the power was going to go out. See you next week Bill Thanks.

    1. Thanks, Sam... your loyalty is overwhelming with your comments! ;-)

  2. thank you for sharing this piece

    1. It is my pleasure to share, Martin, thank you! ;-)

  3. A cliffhanger, of sorts....tornado coming? Flash flood? Some sort of natural disaster? And exactly how many days do I have to wait to find out?????

    Have a great weekend, Bill!

    1. 6 or 7, I suppose... as you know very well, being the King of Cliffhangers... Thanks for the visit and comment, as always. Much appreciated!! ;-)