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Chapter 2, Episode 4, January 1999, Life in Oak Springs, the Homeplace

Life in Oak Springs, the Homeplace
January 1999

This series of posts on each Friday, henceforth, moving forward during 2015 will continue the stories of “The Homeplace Saga” series of family saga, historical fiction families in the area of Oak Springs following the novel “Christmas at the Homeplace,” which ended as 1997 began. Earlier, we have seen the community move from January 1997 through December 1998. We now move into January of 1999, in novel format…

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Chapter 2 - Bart; Episode 4

Last paragraph from Episode 3:

[Not all of these memories, for Bart and Diane, could be tied directly to Beverly, of course. But, memories of her, and her antics and departure that year, even twelve years later, still set off that string of memories from their lives, that could not be laid aside. They simple always flowed back through their thoughts, and conversations, on each occasion when Beverly’s name came up. They could not help it then. They could not help it now.]

Finishing their break time, extended longer than they had expected, Diane went back out to the Stable where she met both Jennifer and Heather near a birthing stall in the horse barn.

Bart returned to the farm shop where he was working on some routine, minor repairs on farm implements needed for the spring season ahead. It seemed there was always work to do on the farm, no matter how large or small, no matter the time of the year. If the work was to be done right, there was always something that needed attention. Today, he and Scott had been working on the plows they would be using again in the spring when weather permitted. They always did as much plowing as possible in the fall, but it rarely got finished then. Now was the time to do routine maintenance and repairs on the plows and related hydraulics, to assure the were ready for spring. Scott had run into town to pick up some extra hydraulic hoses they had noticed they needed.

Scott and Bart returned to the farm shop building a virtually the same time. Bart said, “I just heard that your mom was back in town, and she told the staff at the motel that she was back here for good. Did you know that?”

“Really?” Scott tilted his head, questioning that he had heard Bart correctly.

“Yes, really. Karen just called with the news. Lori got it direct from ‘chief-gossip’ Jaxine Hagen, so it must be true, right?” Bart smiled as he looked directly at Scott.

“For sure, it must be true,” Scott chuckled at the mention of Jaxine’s name. Her reputation was well-known. “That’s good enough for me. Mom did say a Christmas time she would love to be able to spend more time with Faith, but I had no idea she would do this.” He spoke as he laid the hoses he had gotten out on the work bench, to sort and then put in their proper places, for both now and later. “She really is an independent woman, now, with means. She can literally do anything she sets her mind to. I imagine this is just step one, if she had really broken away from Jackson. Things have changed, so much, here, by now, it really is not hard for me to imagine her staying. And, there will be more changes to come, I’m sure.”

“That,” Bart sighed, “is the part that concerns me, of course. What might those ‘more changes’ be. I guess we wait and see. We have our hands full now. I really don’t need more hassles.”

“Honestly, Bart,” Scott replied, “I think those times are past. I suspect she has a number of things in mind that will not impact you, at all. They may impact me, of course, but we’ll take those as they come.”

They continued to chat as they each went about their part of the work they were doing.

Scott’s mind drifted back to the fall, when Winnie had died so unexpectedly, and then, the baby had been born. He recalled feeling that the timing of each event, in hind sight, was actually fairly useful, for his mother’s good. She had grieved for Winnie, of course. They felt very deep affection for each other. Beverly had changed, a lot, under the tutelage that Winnie had provided, so carefully. Beverly did seem to realize it, but it was fairly obvious to other family members closest to her. Scott and Rachel had talked of it often. And, they were pleased with the changes.

Before much time had passed, the baby was born, and Beverly had come up, been part of the process, and seemed to be a fine grandmother. She had also come back for Christmas, even though they all knew she had been deeply involved with settling Winnie’s affairs with his lawyers and his other family members. He will provided for her to stay in their mansion, as long as she wanted to, but, ownership would revert to his older children when she decided to leave. Perhaps, she had decided sooner was better than later, for that. Or, had she even told them yet. Perhaps, though she said she was here “for good,” it was really just another trial period. Time would tell. And, they would be interesting times, to say the least.

Scott was now anxious to go talk to his wife, Rachel, but he also knew there was plenty of time to do that. Work came first. He was so pleased to have been given the opportunity and the responsibilities here, working so closely with Bart. He was not about to do anything, anytime, that would jeopardize this current relationship, the future it might hold for him, and his family.

[To be continued - next Friday]

"May everyone have a homeplace, if only in your mind."

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