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June 1997 - Life in Oak Springs, the Homeplace

Life in Oak Springs, the Homeplace
June 1997

This series of posts on each Friday during 2015 continues the stories of “The Homeplace Saga” series of family saga, historical fiction families in the area of Oak Springs following the novel “Christmas at the Homeplace.” Here is a peek at ‘Life in Oak Springs,’ and the surrounding valley, in June of 1997.

Dr. Jennifer Bevins and Mr. Brian Kirk were married at the United Methodist Church in front of close family and friends on Saturday evening, June 14th, Reverend Clarice McCauley, officiating. Christopher Ogden served as Best Man and Nicole Ogden served as Matron of Honor. Don Kirk and Linda Ogden served as hosts at a reception in the church Fellowship Hall following the ceremony.

When asked, Jennifer said she would continue to be “Dr. Bevins” in her professional practice, but would be known as Mrs. Kirk in her personal life. Initially, she added, they would live at her apartment near her clinic.

The Sullivan End-‘O-the-Road Livestock Auction opened on June 1, 1997 replacing the Cunningham Livestock Auction. Jerry Sullivan announced that he would continue the auction schedule that Lyle Cunningham had previously used. Sullivan, moving from Houston, had been in the auction business for many years, and looked forward to many years in this new location. The location was actually first settled by his great-great-grandfather, Jourdan Sullivan, in 1852, the first settler on this land… and their house was also located at the end of a long road off of what was then known as the Houston Road, now State Highway 24. Jerry hopes everyone will come to the next auction and see the remodeling now underway to improve an already great facility.


In a separate interview, Jerry Sullivan revealed a little more of his family history regarding the land he had purchased along with the Livestock Auction building. He shared that his great-grandfather, Julian, had left the valley with his family as a young man when the Civil War had started.  Julian then served with the Union forces, stationed in Houston. After the war, however, Julian stayed in Houston to raise his own family when his parents had returned to the Oak Creek west valley. Jerry said that his father, Jesse, had been born in Houston, as well.

Penny Nixon, Associate Editor at the Oak Springs Enterprise, announced that the manuscript on the founding of Oak Springs would be published in hard copy, with $2 dollars of each copy sold going to Oak Springs Historical and Genealogical Society. Pre-orders were being taken at $42 per copy. When 100 orders had been received, the books would be printed. Subsequently, approximately 70 copies would be available to purchase at $49 each (about 30 will be distributed to libraries and other repositories).

{Editorial note: This was before “print-on-demand and ebooks” came on the scene.}


It does not cost you $49! Actually FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited! ;-)

Social Notes:

We spoke with Jennifer Bevins Kirk after she and Brian returned from their honeymoon, last week. She said they enjoyed the week in a cabin on Table Rock Lake at Big Cedar Lodge just south of Branson, Missouri. While there, they went out to Silver Dollar City one day, went to see Andy Williams at his Moon River Theater, and attended a performance of the Presley Country Jubilee. Weather was very pleasant, she added, and they had a great time away from the pressures of work. She offered a thank you to each person who covered for her and for Brian at work.

Nicole (Mrs. Christopher) Ogden has let her family know that their first child is due in mid-October. She is still working full time at the Big Thunder Lodge.

The Oak Springs Country Club announced their specials for the upcoming 4th of July Weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

"May everyone have a homeplace, if only in your mind."
Dr. Bill  ;-)


  1. I see life in Oak Springs is moving along with the next generation on the way. Thanks, Sam

    1. Yes, Sam... life in families is always ongoing, much the same, much is different, but always changing... Thanks for the visit and the comment! ;-)