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Jan 1997 - Life in Oak Springs, the Homeplace

Life in Oak Springs, the Homeplace

Jan 1997

This series of posts on each Friday during 2015 continues the stories of “The Homeplace Saga” series of family saga, historical fiction families in the area of Oak Springs following the novel “Christmas at the Homeplace.” Here is a peek at ‘Life in Oak Springs,’ and the surrounding valley, in January of 1997. 

Sunrise - the dawn of a new day
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The new Oak Springs Historical and Genealogical Society (Society) continued its local media campaign encouraging local folks to look for old family and community records that they might have hidden away in boxes, drawers, and attics. At the Oak Springs Library, Librarian Judy Watson took the lead in providing the record keeping to assure that each such item brought to the library was properly recorded as contributed by the person or family bringing it in and that it would be preserved in their name. Members of the Society then volunteered to process the information or artifact so as to continue to discover and record it’s place in the history of the community. It was a bigger project than expected, but most of the members of the Society found it a worthwhile challenge and pitched in to help as they could. These efforts were led by Brian Kirk, Jennifer Bevins, Rhoda Offutt and Sarah (Campbell) Flanders, among the founding members and officers of the Society. They worked closely with Judy Watson to keep their promise to the community.

Among the artifacts brought in during January, was an old manuscript found by Penny Nixon in the back room of the Oak Springs Enterprise. It appeared, on early examination, never to have been published, in the newspaper or otherwise. More research was underway, the committee reported.

Social Notes:

Local lawyer, Don Kirk, played Professor Van Helsing in "Dracula" at the Community Theater production at Ozarks Community College. Celebrating his performance with him after opening night were close friends and family, Brian Kirk, Jennifer Bevins, Linda Ogden, and Christopher and Nicole Ogden.

At the annual Chamber of Commerce dinner, Lisa Flanders-Howell, Vice President at Oak Springs Bank, was honored by being presented the Oak Star Award from the Chamber. This award was not given each year. Flanders-Howell was presented the award for 1996 as the business person leading the United Way effort to its most successful campaign in the 23 year history of the United Campaign in the Oak Springs area, along with the other local charitable activities in which she contributed. When she received the award, she was accompanied by her husband, City Manager, Jacob Howell and their 4-year-old son, Thomas Howell.

"May everyone have a homeplace, if only in your mind."

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  1. Interesting, finding an unpublished manuscript. Will they have it published? I'm curious to see what other artifacts are uncovered.

  2. For sure, Sha. The fun is in the hunt, right?