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Excerpt from "The Kings of Oak Springs" stories

Excerpt from The Kings of Oak Springs stories

The following excerpt from the current series of short story posts in “The Kings of Oak Springs” series has received a number of positive comments from readers. I wanted to share it with a broader audience. Liam and David had served together in the Civil War. They were the first two to return, together, to their home valley following the war in 1865… this episode is in early 1877…

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An excerpt from Episode 30, of “The Kings of Oak Springs” series of stories at:

[Episode 40 will be published shortly, the last of the 20 episodes in Volume Two (forthcoming) of the ebook, of the same name]

Karl decided to talk to Owen directly about how Liam was doing by now. He knew that Liam had been personally devastated by the premature death of his very close friend, David Baldridge. He didn't want to pry, but really wanted to understand the situation a little better. Karl wanted to be supportive without interfering. He'd even been reluctant to talk to Owen about any business until he knew the situation better. Karl was pleasantly surprised when Owen seemed ready to talk about it when the subject came up. Owen began, "You do know they were much more to each other than just real close friends?"

Responding carefully, Karl replied, "Yes, it seemed that might be the case."

Owen then proceeded to share with Karl the approach they had taken to help get Liam out of his deep depression. They had encouraged him to take his time, but, when he was ready, to get back to his creative metal work by dedicating what he did to David's memory. It was slow going, but it appeared that Liam was slowly finding his way back. In the past couple of weeks, Owen, added, Liam had even offered to help Owen on a couple of his projects. Karl thanked Owen for sharing this information with him, and wished the whole family well. Soon, he said he needed to let Owen get back to his work, and took his leave.”

May you always have a Homeplace, if only in your heart!

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