Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Today's Thoughts on… Has it really been six weeks since I posted here?

Today's Thoughts on… 
Has it really been six weeks since I posted here?

I took a little break - waiting for Spring, perhaps - from sharing posts here. I wasn't really sure anyone was watching. I now see the last post has 216 hits… folks are coming to the page, and seeing no activity. That is not good.

I have been writing, but writing other stuff. We'll talk about that.

I've been wondering if there is really interest in the "backstory" of "The Homeplace Saga" stories… shall I continue to post the stories from the 1860s, etc? I get no comments, so it makes me wonder. However, each gets 60-80 views. Is that worth the effort? What level of interest justifies the effort??

We are approaching the Civil War Story in this series - and I think it is pretty good. Spent a lot of time on it. It was published in the Anthology of Short Stories last fall… but, of course, no one has read it there!!  ;-)

In recent weeks (months?) I've been publishing the first 21 episodes of the "Weston Wagons West" series of historical fiction short stories. You can see them here, on line, free (of course):

There is a tie-in between the two series of stories, by the way. In this story: I introduce Levi Weston, as a son of Jacob Weston. He is reported as a new resident in Oak Springs here: Did you read about him?

I'll see if I can't get the posts going again… the stories are all complete.

I'm also thinking of writing short stories, on my other Hubpages account: Homeplace Series: (have you read any of these?) starting back in 1987 after "Back to the Homeplace" to fill in the activities of our primary characters. Would that be interesting to you? Thanks for comments.

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