Thursday, January 9, 2014

Today's Thoughts on… the Founding of the Homeplace (II)

Today's Thoughts on… the Founding of the Homeplace (II)

[This is a new Daily Theme I've adopted here as Author and Creator of The Homeplace Saga, beginning with the start of 2014. The intent here is to be able to "step back" and share what I see as useful thoughts about both process and product issues of the Saga components.]

If you did not read the first post (I) last week, you might want to read it first… ;-)

[Source: Currier & Ives, “Home in the wilderness,” c1870; Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress ( : accessed 31 Dec 2012)]

As I mentioned last time, on November 2, 2012, I posted the first of an ongoing series of Friday posts (one, two or three a month) beginning to share stories related to the Founding of the Homeplace from early 1833. These have generally been presented as 4-part serial presentations of a series of short stories (1833, 1838, 1843, 1848).

Tomorrow, I will publish here the (first portion of the) Tentative Table of Contents of the "next book" - the story of the Founding, as discussed last week.

I have already written 25-30 of the short stories, some of which have been and are being shared on Fridays, here, in serial form. This Table of Contents will show the organization, as currently planned, in the first three parts (there will likely be five parts) of the "next book." You will notice that Part I consists of the stories shared on Fridays so far (through Jan 2014).

Part II will share the stories of Oak Springs and Oak Creek Township - the Homeplace -  up to the start of the Civil War. These stories were presumably written by the settlers, from their journals, from their memories, of how life was - at the Homeplace during that period of time (as was done in Part I for the earlier period).

Part III deals with the total devastation of the town during the Civil War and how each of the families and individuals living there coped - and survived (or did not survive) the war time period. The first story, in this part, is the central story of the book. My original intent was to "save it" for the book. But, with the new philosophy shared last week, it will be shared this summer, in serial form, just like the rest of the stories. The other stories of Part III will be brief 'memoirs' of other leading characters regarding their Civil War experiences.

My intent here is to share with you the process of building this Collection of Short Stories - how they will be organized into a Collection - and where they fit in the overall and ongoing "The Homeplace Saga" of historical fiction family saga stories.

This discussion will continue next week, in this spot…  ;-)

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