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Hometown Monday - A is for Amy

Hometown Monday - A is for Amy

We are continuing this of series of posts of excerpts from the novels, novellas, and short stories of "The Homeplace Series" Family Saga story-telling, with a new twist. We have adopted a format from the: "Blogging From A to Z Challenge." Each week we will share a published except related to a person whose name begins with that letter. Today, we begin with A is for Amy Hollingsworth.

This series of posts is to provide an insight into the story lines that may not be clear from other promotional pieces about "The Homeplace Series." These will also be coordinated with the content of the developmental Wiki, "Beyond the Books" - to expand the information available there, as well. [Links in the text, below, provide more information on that person or entity]

Amy Hollingsworth will continue her role into the forthcoming "Christmas at the Homeplace," as well.

An excerpt from "The Homeplace Revisited" from Friday, August 16, 1996:

As Christopher entered the foyer, a young lady he did not recognize greeted him. She had a great smile and exuded enthusiasm, “Welcome to the Homeplace Country Inn. I’m Amy. How can I help you?” She extended her hand in greeting, and Christopher was taken aback, momentarily. 

Through his years in college and since being back in Oak Springs, Christopher had been totally dedicated to his studies and getting his law career underway. Nearly every contact with a female near his own age had been approached in only a professional, not a romantic, way. In those rare instances where a romantic feeling might have been felt, it was quickly snuffed out because the young lady did not live up to his expectations, based on his plutonic high school romance with Jennifer, who had turned out to be his half-sister – but still remained his best friend. But now, surprisingly, this unexpected encounter raised feelings in his body he had not experienced in a very long time.

Returning the handshake, Christopher responded, “I’m Christopher Ogden. I believe Karen is expecting me.” Christopher realized he was still holding her hand, and he was nearly transfixed by her bright green eyes. “Nice to meet you, Amy.”   

“I didn’t realize you two had not met.” Karen had joined them as they spoke. “Amy is my new assistant manager. I’m so pleased to have her as a part of our team. She’s Virginia’s granddaughter, of course, Amy Hollingsworth.” 

Virginia Hollingsworth was the closest neighbor to the Homeplace and had been a life-long friend of Karen’s mother, Mildred. Virginia also served as a Trustee of the Bevins Trust.

“Oh, I did know Virginia’s granddaughter was visiting. I guess I was thinking of a youngster. Not too clever of me, I see.” Christopher tried not to stammer, but wasn’t accomplishing that very well. He looked back at Amy, about five feet, six inches tall, with her short blonde hair, “I know you will enjoy working here. The place has a lot of potential… we are all so pleased to have it here in Oak Springs.”
“Thank you. I’ll leave the two of you to your meeting, Karen.” Looking directly at Christopher, Amy smiled and said, “We’ll talk more, later, Christopher.” She turned and left the room. 

“Very professional… and attractive,” Christopher said to Karen, after Amy had left. He could tell he was still blushing, but he plunged ahead. “Really seems to fit in well here. Nice.” Instinctively, his head turned in the direction Amy had taken, perhaps hoping that he could still see her, but she was gone. He hoped Karen hadn’t noticed.

“For sure,” Karen replied, smiling. “I feel very lucky that she arrived when she did. I was about ready to hire someone, and when I met her over at Virginia’s, I was thrilled that she had such a great background and was looking for work. I think it was meant to be!”

“I’m sure you are right. I look forward to getting to know her better, especially if she is going to be around for awhile.”

“A long while, I hope, if she works out like I think she will.”


*       *       *
Shortly after Christopher departed, Karen and Amy talked about his visit. Karen said, with a broad smile, “Amy, I think you made quite an impression on Christopher.” 

“Well, he made quite an impression on me, as well. I rarely get that ‘flirty’ feeling when first meeting someone, but I’ll have to admit, I did with him. I just couldn’t help myself.” Amy blushed just a bit. “I look forward to spending some time with him, at an appropriate time, of course.”

Karen smiled, “Oh, to be young again. I’m sure the opportunity will present itself. He’ll be around, regularly, and so will you. 

"May each of us have a Homeplace to hold onto, if only in our minds."

Bill  ;-)

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