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The Homeplace Series - Book Blog Tour Plan

The Homeplace Series - Book Blog Tour
Background and Planning Information

'The Homeplace Series' of Historical Fiction/Family Saga story content covers nearly 200 years of family drama and growth in a fictional southern Missouri Ozarks community, Oak Springs, and the families at the center of that settlement and growth over the years. This Family Saga was begun in 2010 with the 'Back to the Homeplace' novel set in 1987 building a fascinating set of characters in three generations and their varied reactions to the unusual will of the family matriarch. It was well received but not heavily marketed. The second book in the series, 'The Homeplace Revisited,' set in 1996, focused on the next generation and might be considered Christian fiction. It was hardly marketed at all, except via the blog. 

Research for the third book in the Series led the author into researching (creating) the family history back from early in the nineteenth century in the southern Missouri Ozarks, including the Civil War era and its impact on the family and community (see first short story collection, below). Along the way, a Murder Mystery (occurring immediately after the end of the Back to the Homeplace story) novella was written. Another novella, celebrating Christmas at the Homeplace, is planned. The third novel in the Series, The Homeplace Threatened, will be completed in 2014. As noted below, at least two novels/novellas/collections will eventually fill in the historical gaps in the family story.

In addition to the fiction works listed below, the story development can be followed at The Homeplace Series Blog:
and the 'Beyond the Books' transmedia storytelling developmental wiki:

The time has come to mount an on-going media marketing campaign for the full 'The Homeplace Series.'

We project one tour about every three months or so over the next fifteen to eighteen months (and beyond) in the following order:

Back to the Homeplace (2010 novel set in 1987) - late Apr 2013
***tagline: If you haven't read it, it is new to you!

Murder by the Homeplace (2013 novella set in 1987) - June 2013

The Homeplace Revisited-2nd edition (2013 novel set in 1996) - Sept 2013

Christmas at the Homeplace (2013 novella set in 1996) - Dec 2013

American Centennial at the Homeplace (2014 short story collection on the Founding of the Homeplace and the Oak Springs community's first 40 years, 1833 to 1870s) - Mar 2014

The Homeplace Threatened (2014 novel set in 1998) - Jun 2014


1880 into 1930s (undetermined format-either short stories or novella)

Mid-1930s to 1980s (undetermined format - novel prequel most likely)


Selected bloggers are being contacted to participate in this projected Book Blog Tour (one or more segments). If you would like to participate, or know someone who might be interested in participating, I need an email, Subject: The Homeplace Series Book Blog Tour, from each blogger with the following information:

Name of blog
Blog URL
Name of blogger
Contact email address

Send an email with this information to: billsmith2003 at gmail dot com

Thank you, on behalf of Vision to Action Publishing ( and Author, William Leverne Smith

"May each of us have a Homeplace to hold onto, if only in our minds."

Bill ;-)

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