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Penny Nixon's My Hometown - Beverly (Bevins) Gates Interview

Penny Nixon's My Hometown - Beverly (Bevins) Gates Interview

[Hi! I'm Penny Nixon. I am a reporter for the Oak Springs Enterprise. My dad, the editor, Dick Nixon, has encouraged me to write stories for the paper about my hometown, Oak Springs, MO, beginning in early 1987. This is the first of several interviews with local residents and visitors. These articles will appear in the weekly edition of the Oak Springs Enterprise. I hope you enjoy my stories.]

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Beverly Bevins Gates, the second of the four Bevins siblings involved in the estate settlement of their parents regarding their beloved "Homeplace" farm, located just east of the town of Oak Springs (recall that we talked to her older sister, Karen, earlier):

Penny: How would you describe the motivating factors that have brought you back to Oak Springs from Jackson, Mississippi, for a two year commitment to your parents' farm?

Beverly: You get right to the point, don't you, Penny? Well, I am thinking only of my children's inheritance. I have two young children, a boy and a girl, Scott and Heather, that deserve their share of the family inheritance. If we have to come back here for two years, that is what we have to do. 

Penny: You don't sound real convinced this is a good idea, even though you are here.

Beverly: You are right about that. My husband and I each have careers in Mississippi. We took a leave of absence, but it won't be the same, when we get back, even though it is supposed to be. It just doesn't seem right, to me, to have to make this kind of commitment, just to get an inheritance.

Penny: Thank you, Beverly, for talking to me about your decision. I hope we can talk, again, after you know more specifically what the will requires of you to qualify for that inheritance you seek for your children.

Beverly: Let's see what happens; then we'll see.

Well, that was the interview. I hope you found it useful. Letters to the Editor are always welcome. Please be kind. Penny, out.

These interviews lead up to the beginning chapter of "Back to the Homeplace." Have you read it yet? Available in sidebar links both in Kindle and Print Editions.

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