Friday, January 7, 2011

Shadow and Chase

Shadow and Chase

On Flora and Fauna Friday, in the past, I have featured wildlife of the Ozarks; and I will continue to do that, in the future.

Today, however, I am featuring the breeding mare/riding horse, and dog, that will be introduced in "The Homeplace Revisited," hopefully to pique your interest in the upcoming second novel in The Homeplace Series.

We will rejoin Christopher having returned to Oak Springs from law school to join his father, Carter Ogden, in his law practice, where one of their major clients is the Bevins Trust. From "Back to the Homeplace," of course, you know that Christopher's biological father is actual Bart Bevins, one of the four siblings that now control the Bevins Trust. It is 1996, Christopher has been back in town a couple of years, and Jennifer, his half-sister, daughter of Bart and Diane, has just arrived back, as well, to set up her large animal veterinary clinic on her parent's portion of The Homeplace.

Shadow is a grey mare that Christopher purchased earlier in the summer and stables at the farm. It gives him a reason, and 'excuse' to spend time at the farm, regularly. 

In Chapter 4 of "The Homeplace Revisited" you will meet Christopher's other new animal friend, Chase. Chase is a beautiful black and brown German Shepherd dog with bright eyes, pointed, alert ears, and a moist black nose. You will love her.

The cover of the book: "The Homeplace Revisited" features these two new friends. Stay tuned for more peaks into this new family saga novel coming to you in the Spring of 2011.

"May each of us have a Homeplace to hold onto, if only in our minds."

Bill ;-)


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  2. Sooo looking forward to reading this 2nd book!!! And of course love the new 'animals' your introducing!