Thursday, March 25, 2010

More about some of the people in the book

Today, we will be taking a look at some of the key people in the Back to the Homeplace book in two groups. The first is the adult children, they are the ones most directly involved in the will provisions. Then, we will look at the younger folks, and their relationships.

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The older family members:

Karen is the oldest of the Bevins siblings (the others are Beverly, Bart and Peter). Karen has been married to Jason Winslow for 27 years and they have four children, the youngest about to graduate from high school. Jason is a principal partner in a Financial Planning firm. Karen is a nurse, having worked at a hospital the past 16 years or so. They have lived in the Phoenix, AZ, Valley of the Sun, most of their married lives.

Beverly left home for Jackson, Mississippi, as soon as she graduated from High School in Oak Springs. She has rarely come back; just occasional holidays. She is married to Paul Gates. He is a mechanical engineer. She is administrative assistant at a construction company. They have two pre-teen children. Paul has a nineteen year old daughter, Sheila, by a prior message. Sheila comes to Oak Springs with the family, since she recently lost her department store clerk job.

Bart Bevins is third in order of age. He and his wife, Diane, live on and work the farm at the Homeplace. Diane is also the Oak Springs High School English teacher. They expected to be able to continue farming the farm indefinitely into the future, for the family. Their oldest child, Donnie, is in his first of two years at the Ozarks Community College studying Farm Operations, expecting to marry his girl friend, Melanie Ogden, and become the next generation farmer on the Homeplace. Their daughter, Jennifer, is a Junior in High School.

Peter is the youngest of the children of Frank and Mildred Bevins. Peter was about to graduate from the State University when his father died in an auto accident returning from a visit to the University. Rather than returning home for the funeral, Peter left for Oregon, and has lived their since that time.

Some of the younger family members:

Donnie, as noted above, has been dating Melanie Ogden for some time. Melanie is a year younger, a senior in High School. She and her younger brother, Christopher, are the children of Carter and LInda Ogden. Carter is the attorney for the Bevins estate. Donnie and Christopher have been athletic teammates and good friends. Based on these relationships, Christopher and Jennifer, Donnie's sister, have become very good friends. The foursome frequently go out together socially. The appearance of Sheila Gates into this mix creates sparks and conflict in several directions.

Now, they would like you to get you to know them even better, and follow them through the spring and summer of 1987, into the summer and fall. Read more about them in Back to the Homeplace.

"May each of us have a Homeplace to hold onto, if only in our minds."

Bill ;-)

William Leverne Smith
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